Innovative, thoughtfully planned and elegant. Shift is built for the way you use it.

• Pre-designed and engineered
• Fast and affordable
• Curated modern aesthetic
• Highest quality finish
• No on-site construction

From $67,500
or $674/mo
What's Included
No permit required
Limitations Apply
Interior 120 sq ft
Popout 100 sq ft
Shift connects you to the native surroundings of day-to-day living in a way that's hard to comprehend in such a small and unique footprint.
Inspired by the iconic and diverse landscapes of Southern California, we’ve carefully crafted four expressions that make it easy for you to find the perfect match. Whether it’s city life, the high desert, the rugged mountains or the infinite ocean,
Shift has a look that connects with your lifestyle.


For those who appreciate the calm moments of life, we invite you to step into a space that truly resembles an oasis of serenity.
Carefully selected color options heighten the space’s presentation while maintaining a natural balance.

Topanga invites its inhabitants to interact with its relaxed materials and bask in the warmth of an "at-home" atmosphere. 


Ojai is purpose-built for the adventurer! One who is searching for an architectural expression that matches their fearless lifestyle.

The playful materials combine a simple delicacy with the power of personality.  

Ojai is conceived to inspire the explorer and discoverer; those who find balance in the beautiful chaos of life.


Calling all boundary breakers, the intrepid and courageous! Echo is created with you at heart.

Echo is a love affair between shape and shadow, bold intention and sequestered intimacy. Its sleek, minimalist interior is composed for those with a penchant for the daring. 

Color-changing options add a strong visual impact to an otherwise monochromatic space.

Echo evokes emotion and spurs conversation within every square foot.


A dwelling of tranquility, Joshua forges moments of introspection and reflection.

Its pure and minimalist aesthetic grounded in natural light and organic materials is a haven from the everyday; the story of the resilient, born to thrive.

Escape the noise with Joshua. 

Choose your look

is flexible


The ultimate quick additional living space, Shift-Live offers all the creature comforts of home in this small and affordable space.

Live Features: Murphy Bed, Shower and Toilet, Kitchenette, Remote Control Heat/Cool, Closet, Built-in Storage, Automatic Open and Close Pop-out, Highest quality fixtures & finishes.
Popular Use Cases: Guest House, Rental Unit, Man-Cave, She-Shed

COVID-19 has forever changed the way we think about working from home. Shift-Work is easily deployed into your backyard and offers the isolation needed for a peaceful work space.

Work Features: Built in Desk, Shower and Toilet, Kitchenette, Remote Control Heat/Cool, Closet, Built-in Storage, Automatic Open and Close Pop-out, Highest quality fixtures & finishes.
Popular Use Cases: Home Office, Pop-up Retail Store, Sales Office

A simple and cost efficient option for those wanting to customize the space with a personal flair. Shift-Play is the canvas to create and explore, with only the standard features you need.

Play Features: Automatic Open and Close Pop-out
Popular Use Cases: Music Studio, Gym, Yoga Studio, Art Studio, Lab, Man Cave, She Shed


Tiny living doesn't mean big sacrifice. Shift delivers an environment that feels like home.
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Carefully curated fixtures and appliances. What you need where you need it.
European style cabinetry and casework with durable and elegant finishes.
Space planned to perfection with all the amenities you need and love.
Exterior Cladding
Shou Sugi Ban is charred Japanese wood cedar siding. Beautiful, maintenance free and fire resistant.
The latest technology to enhance your enjoyment of the space.
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Frequently asked questions
Do I need a permit to add Shift to my property?
In most cases you won't need a permit for Shift Play. The base unit is less than 120 sq ft, and is considered an accessory structure in most jurisdictions across the country. There are many exceptions to this rule however, and if connecting Shift to the “Grid” with permanent power, water and/or waste connections, we recommend consulting with your local building and safety department. Steelblox provides permitting service for an additional fee if a permit is desired before purchasing.
Where do you deliver to?
We deliver throughout the Continental United States. We can deliver to other North American locations such as Mexico and Canada, but special rates will apply and should be discussed in advance.
How long does it take?
If in stock, and you are not permitting the project, Shift can be delivered and installed in 2-4 weeks. When stock is not on hand, please allow 12-16 weeks for delivery.

If you are going to permit your Shift as a permanent add-on structure to your property, the lead time will largely depend on your local building department's approval process. This can vary considerably from state to state. Our specialist will provide this information during the feasibility process.
What is included in the price?
Shift includes all pricing in its models. Any options that are available are presented with costs upfront as you configure your product. Just add what you want, and instantly see pricing and finance costs.
Is there a possibility of incurring extra charges?
There are situations that can trigger additional installation charges. Some examples include:

If hired for installation, Steelblox will send a team out for an on-site feasibility assessment to ensure we understand the entire scope of the project.  This ensures all costs are understood upfront. 
  • Larger crans for longer reach
  • Installation on steep hillsides (greater than 15% slope is a good rule of thumb)
  • Longer trenching for utility hook-ups
  • Significant demolition, or removal of items such as sheds or garages
Does Shift include heating and air conditioning?
Yes. Your Shift Live and Work come standard with heating and air conditioning. Shift Play is a blank slate and does not come standard with this option.
Do you offer financing?
We offer pre-arranged financing options through our dedicated financing partners up to $100k. You can include all costs of the project in the financing, including delivery, installation, demolition etc. 

If the cost of your project exceeds this amount, we can help you tap into your home equity (through a HELOC or Cash-out Refi), or obtain a traditional loan (construction loan, renovation loan). Reach out to us and we’ll coordinate financing with our lending partners.
Does it cost extra for cabinets, plumbing fixtures & appliances?
No it doesn’t. Both the Shift Live and Work models come fully equipped with everything you need. Our interior design team has carefully selected all the finish fixtures and appliances to optimize the form and function of the space.

For the do-it-yourselfers, Shift Play is a blank slate for you to customize your own space. This unit does not come with any utility connections, cabinetry or appliances, and is a great way to save on cost.
Does Shift come with furnishings?
Our base price does not include the furniture you see in the photos on our website. However, we are an interior design firm and have relationships with our suppliers of the furnishings you see in our marketing presentations.

If you need assistance in purchasing furniture, please let your Sales Assistant know and we will connect you with our interior design team.
How do you install Shift?
Shift will arrive on a flatbed or tilt bed trailer.The units are lifted off with a crane or forklift and set on the pre-prepared foundation. Our units are ideally installed on a foundation system such as a concrete slab or compacted gravel with a paver system. This can be done by you in advance of our arrival or can be contracted through one of our installation partners. Fees for foundation preparation and utility connections can be added as an option at checkout. These fees are site specific and regionally based.

If your project is being permitted, all permanent connections to the foundation will meet all state and local, earthquake and flood requirements.