Commercial & Retail Structures

With increasing popularity, commercial spaces are becoming the goto use of shipping container and modular build applications. Cities across America are embracing the opportunity to add these unique structures to their communities.

The fact is the structures are interesting. Where traditionally we might see another cookie cutter type retail establishment, Commercial modular buildings are paving the way for acceptable use of shipping container structures in even the most difficult to build municipalities.

Steelblox offers custom and pre-designed structures to meet a variety of commercial use applications. Certified as Commercial Modular Builder (needed to build these structures with minimal delay from most building departments), we've designed and developed several projects that give us a firm grasp on how to get theses projects approved and built quickly and affordably. 

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Popular Commercial Uses

Shipping Container Sales Centers

Sales Centers

Need a temporary or permanent Sales Center to host clients and guests? Our highly styled modular office buildings are ideal to create an environment that represents your brand with class. Not your run of the mill office trailer, these customized spaces include all the modern tech features you need to jump start your sales operation and host guests in a space you're proud of.

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Shipping Container Coffee Shop

Pop up Retail 

Everything from coffee houses & bars, to restaurants and retail clothing stores, this is by far our most popular application. This use type is particularly popular with start up operations looking to make a bold brand statement with the use of increasing popular shipping container modules. The containers lend themselves to a modern industrial design which is all the rage in hospitality design.

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Shipping Container Hotel

Boutique Hotels

Developer friendly modular construction allows for gradual expansion as occupancy levels increase.  With the native ability to separate common area space from sleeping units, unique configurations using these modules are virtually limitless. For start up hoteliers launching AirBNB business models, these structures are an absolute no brainer. See how we collaborated on a unique project in Joshua Tree California.

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Shipping Container Pop up Retail

Kiosks and Information Booths

With the use of specialized shipping containers, kiosks and other odd size structures can be affordably, quickly and easily achieved. We've completed just such a project recently for a client in need of a quick solution., a new player in the app based car sales arena needed a solution in less than 3 weeks. Read this story and see how we how deployed a team to provide a solution.

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