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    A Prefab Custom
    Shipping Container Home

    A dream realized for a family hell bent on creating a one of a kind modular home built from shipping containers. Bret and Dani Stone could not be stopped from completing their vision, and the result speaks to their commitment.

    • Clients: Bret and Dani Stone
    • Completion: March, 2018
    • Project Type: Prefab Modular Container, Residence
    • Architects: AB design studio

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  • Shipping Container Pop-up Retail Kiosk
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    Pop-up Sales Office
    Los Angeles, CA

    Fair.com needed a quick solution. "Build us a place to sell our cars and register Uber drivers...in 3 weeks!" So that's what we did. This project is a great representation of the versatility found in shipping container construction. Virtually impossible using any other shell core as a base, given the time restraints.

    • Clients: Fair.com
    • Completion: March, 2019
    • Project Type: Pop-up Retail, Commercial Modular
    • Architects: RAD LAB

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  • Shipping Container Office
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    MEOU 2 Shipping Container Office
    Santa Barbara

    This prototype unit was built for Dwell on Design in LA. Met with enthusiasm for more, the unit sparked the award winning MEOU series, and now resides in the designers back yard where it hosts the 2 principal architects at AB design studio.

    • Clients: Dwell on Design LA
    • Completion: June, 2014
    • Project Type: Shipping Container, Commercial Office
    • Architects: AB design studio

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