Your Backyards Affordable Path to Luxury

Redefining Flexibility in your Backyard

Luxurious Living in a Compact Space

Smart Luxury for the Modern Family

Design & Price

All-in cost Starting at $295,000

Crafted With Care


Our flagship ADU product features 540 sq ft of elegantly crafted living space. The model oozes with a Scandinavian vibe that invites you to add your personal flair or simply bathe in the simplicity of its modernism. The 1 bed / 1 bath unit has expansive floor to ceiling glazing throughout, and is delivered to your site fully complete, with no site construction necessary. The unit features our unique drop down door system that creates a 400 sq ft outdoor deck when lowered in place, and significantly enhances security, transportation and ease of installation. The kitchen and bath feature our beautifully crafted Italian made cabinetry, with perfectly matched fixtures and lighting elements that create a modern warmth that once again sets the Steelblox product miles ahead of its competitors when considering style and value.

So much opportunity in such a small space.

Design & Price

Guest House

Host guests in style with a backyard ADU. Enjoy privacy and comfort in your own space.

Rental Income

Generate passive income with a backyard ADU. Rent it out long-term or as a vacation rental.

Home Office

Increase productivity and work-life balance with a backyard ADU. Enjoy a quiet, dedicated workspace.


Indulge in hobbies and passions with a backyard ADU. Create a custom space for leisure activities.

Sustainable Modern Design
Unique Features

Progressive, clean and modern designs help deliver a simplistic and functional style unlike any other in the modular marketplace.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient products create a hyper comfortable atmosphere in our ADUs. Our units use the most reliable thermal and sound protective building elements to provide a net zero living environment that exceeds all current building codes.

Custom Built-ins & Casework

Smaller spaces call for a creative and adaptive use of traditional components in unusual spaces. These twists on modern design create exciting and beautiful options that bring a home to life.

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