Do you offer financing solutions for your products?

What types of loans are available for your products?

Can I Finance an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Do Steelblox homes appraise for less than a regular home?

Permits, Fees and Entitlement

How much does a permit cost?

What other fees and permits are required?

If I already have land, what reports do I need to for you to bid our project?

Are Modular Fees the same as traditional construction?

Building Materials & Process

How does modular compare to an onsite, stick build?

Why build a home in a factory?

Where do you build?

What does the term "building envelope" mean?

What is panelization?

How are the utilities connections dealt with?

Can I choose my own appliances/finishes?

What do we mean by “volumetric prefabrication”?

What are the different foundation types recommended?

Do you only build with Shipping Containers modules?

What We Offer

What sizes & building types do you offer?

Do you offer solar?

What is included in a standard delivery?

What is included in a Steelblox modular?

Do I need to find my own contractor?

Will Steelblox revise a plan or do a custom plan for me?

How complete is the home when it’s delivered?

What warranties do Steelblox homes come with?

Characteristics and Benefits

Are they mobile? Can I transport them?

What can a Steelblox be used for?

Is building a Modular Home less expensive?

What are the benefits of a modular home?

Is a modular home as sturdy as a traditionally built home?

Are Steelblox homes sustainable?

Are Steelblox homes smarter?

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