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The most common misconception of Modular Construction is that there are limits to what can be done. Modular Construction is a method of building, not a restriction. It introduces efficiency by removing wasteful practices of the past and embraces the hi-tech solution of our future.

The Steelblox team incorporates over 30 years of traditional building methods into the building solution of tomorrow. Let us show you how we can produce amazing results on time, on budget and without compromise.

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Schulte Lane

Santa Barbara, CA

The Stone family had one goal, to build a world class industrial modern home using recycled shipping containers as the the core building element. The complexity of accomplishing this in one of the most prestigious communities in the US was no small task. However, in collaboration with the right team, Steelblox delivered just that. Constructed out of shipping containers and alternative building materials, and finished with specialized details such as poured-in-place concrete, exposed steel beams, custom cabinetry and casework, this award-winning home represents the dedication and true craftsmanship delivered in our custom homes.

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Homemade Modern

Joshua Tree, California

Ben Uyeda, founder of HomeMade Modern, set out to design and build a custom modular home as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials. Consisting of three shipping containers provided by Steelblox, the home features bi-fold glass doors, bright white interiors and accents of natural woods. Having documented the entire building process, Ben’s project was a great case study on what it takes to build a shipping container house from start to finish.

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