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Container Living Unit

4 Models - 3 Trim Levels

Our beautiful and modern line of Accessory Dwelling Units, range in size from 320 to 1200 sq ft. Designed to meet every budget, and loaded with today's must have technology and energy compliant systems.

The CLU series offers unique open floor plans that allow us to present interior finish levels that satisfy the basic needs for those on a budget, or the highest style requirements of the most demanding homeowners.


Factory Built to Perfection

As General Contractors, we've been building and remodeling custom homes for over 30 years. That experience helps us understand all too well the inefficiencies that exist with stick built, on site construction. Our factory built modular home program was designed to help our clients choose a better path, and truly gain control over project timelines and budget. And more importantly achieve their expectations without the stress and aggravation that is far too common.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

Vincent Van GoughVisionary

It's that exact philosophy that allows us to focus on the details of individual components that come together to make our homes spectacular, affordable, and the dream home you imagined.

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