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Commercial & Retail Structures

With increasing popularity, commercial spaces are becoming the most common use of shipping container and modular build applications. Cities across America are embracing the opportunity to add these unique structures to their communities.

Steelblox offers both pre-designed and custom structures that can meet a variety of commercial use applications. Our certification as a Commercial Modular Builder also allows us to build commercial structures with minimal delay from most building departments, providing you with a structure that can be built quickly and affordably.

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Popular Commercial Use Cases
office space
Shipping containers and modular builds provide eco-friendly, efficient alternatives to traditional work environments. Design smarter, work harder.
Everything from coffee houses and bars, to restaurants and retail clothing stores, this is by far our most popular application.
Boutique Hotels
Modular Construction allows for gradual expansion as occupancy levels increase. With the native ability to separate common area space from sleeping units, there are limitless configurations
Art galleries, tattoo shops and fitness centers; the possibilities are endless when you make the transition to modular.
Disaster relief
Modular Construction produces easily deployable structures that are designed to provide swift and effective aid in emergency situations.
mixed use
When work, home and retail coexist as one, mixed-use design allows you to pool your resources and save precious space by doing "more with less."
Modular restaurants provide more than just high design. They provide a unique experience that will be remembered for years to come.
Special Event
Whether it's a VIP lounge, a stage for a DJ or live band, or a trade show booth, shipping containers and modular builds will quickly deliver the ultimate entertainment.
Favorite Projects

Steelblox Studio

Newbury Park, CAlifornia

As much as our 7,000 square foot studio is a piece of art, it’s also a working space for makers. Suits and sawdust. The central philosophy is that resourcefulness and sophistication can coexist. Our studio is designed to elevate raw materials, as a reminder that true value comes from thoughtful consideration, not excessive cost. From the elevated shipping containers to green velour walls, every material is an experience, designed to instigate curiosity and spark ideas.

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westlake village, california

Understanding the complexities of an ever-changing and challenging industry, Bankcard constructed a merchant service that cuts through confusion and provides a single, trusted source for complete, innovative solutions. We designed a multifaceted environment that allows their culture to thrive, invites their employees to think outside of the box and work happy.

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los angeles, CAlifornia

This project provides an innovative solution to a company that is redefining car rentals. We teamed up with architecture firm, RadLabs, to design and build a 20 foot retrofitted shipping container to act as a flexible and sleek temporary office space. Featuring a plywood finished interior and custom-built cabinets, this is an exceptional space for Fair’s employees to assist customers.

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