Our founders collectively have over 50 years of construction, fabrication, architecture, design, business finance, marketing and production experience. We will leverage that experience to serve a marketplace in critical need of our products.

WE’re experienced
From single-module backyard sheds to complex mid-rise apartment buildings and complex large commercial structures, our founding team is responsible for well over $100 million in construction development.
We save you money
Our Factory Building Program virtually puts an end to delays caused by unexpected weather conditions. This allows us to control costs more efficiently and pass those savings onto our clients. With predictable production times, we keep the resources on hand needed to complete projects and manage the project milestones effectively.
We build with purpose
We’re not just building another room with four walls, we’re building a more productive workspace. We design with you in mind, looking at every detail as an opportunity to enable a better working environment for everyone.
We design sustainably
Our structures create an environment optimized for efficiency. With minimal heat loss or gain, we maintain constant temperatures with little effort. Through net zero construction, we minimize carbon footprint and create a healthier and greener atmosphere for your environment.
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Meet Our Team

We believe our Executive Team is a unique and powerful gathering of seasoned operators, with the energy and ambition that makes entrepreneurship work.
Peter DeMaria / CEO / Co Founder / AIA, NCARB
Al Harris / CFO, CTO / Founder / Business Development & Finance
Eric Corbett / CCO / Co Founder / Design & Product Development
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