Experience You Can Count On.

Steelblox is a Certified Factory Home & Commercial Modular Builder.
Totally focused on delivering integrity and world class craftsmanship to our clients, we leveraged our 30+ years of experience as a General Contractor, and incorporated that into a modern and efficient building system. Our Factory Built Modular programs, deliver faster, more affordable and better products. 

We started this journey to mitigate the daily problems we see in the current construction process;

  • Costly delays due to permitting and building code interpretations
  • Challenges in affordably maintaining highly skilled labor forces
  • Managing weather delays & long lead material items

We feel obligated to solve these issues for our clients. Building a home should be a dream come true, not a nightmare. So we set to build the best manufacturing environment, with the latest and greatest technology available to help us achieve such lofty goals. 

Please join us on the journey.
Welcome to Steelblox.


We save our clients on average 25-35% off the standard time it takes to deliver a completed project. There are 2 key factors that allow us to go faster. Simultaneous constriction of on and offsite work, and zero delays associated to subcontractor work and poor weather conditions. A true manufacturing process.



Our in house construction team is at our facility daily, optimizing routines and building efficiencies. With materials on hand and resource planning by our procurement team, delays if any, are predictable and preventable. Timelines are real, and your projects move through our assembly process on time and on budget.


Our Factory Building Program virtually puts and end to delays caused by unexpected weather conditions. This allows us to control costs more efficiently and pass those savings on to our clients. With predictable production times, we keep the resources on hand to needed to complete projects, and manage the project milestones effectively.