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Designed and engineered with a specific focus on high design, affordability and speed. Without compromise.

Eliminate permit and construction delays. Drastically reduce costly architecture and engineering fees. Built and delivered on time. We make design more accessible, facilitating better living and more satisfying lives.

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Designs That Inspire a Better Way to Live.

Don’t let tradition stand in the way of innovation. Set a new design standard with Modular Construction.

Accessory Dwelling Units
Single Family Homes
Office Units
Custom Residential
Modular is the future
Saves Money
Routine materials and efficient labor equals excellent product pricing. We’re all about affordable! Save up to 35% over traditional construction costs. Skip the delays and change orders that cost you money and aggravation. Enjoy your dream and experience an anxiety-free building process.
Saves Time
Our pre-approved designs drastically reduce permit delays. Simultaneous construction of your foundation systems and structure make for a time savings of up to 100%.
Saves the planet
Our structures create an environment optimized for efficiency. With minimal heat loss or gain, maintain constant temperatures with little effort. With net zero construction we minimize carbon footprint and create a healthier, greener atmosphere in your environment.

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Every Base.

Builders, Architects, and Fabricators.
Everyone in house.
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